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Books for Babies and Books for Toddlers - Milford Hospital

The Books for Babies program is for babies born at Milford Hospital. Volunteers at the hospital deliver the kits to each new mother’s room before discharge.  The kits are assembled at the Center and consist of a board book, a handbook for parents on raising a reader, helpful tip sheets on the developmental stages of a child, our brochure and a letter to the parents from the Center.  The Milford Hospital and the Literacy Center were the first ones to introduce the service in the greater New Haven area. We also have been instrumental in helping to set up a program in Phoenix, Arizona. They modeled their program after ours.

Sometime after the Books for Babies program was established, Books for Toddlers became an extension of the above program. Each child that received the first book is sent another on their first birthday. Volunteers prepare them for mailing at the hospital and the Milford Hospital Auxiliary pays the postage.  We receive pictures of the babies and thank you notes from the parents. Each year the Center is invited to attend the Baby Fair at Milford Hospital.  It is there that we meet many of the recipients of our program.  It has very popular.  We are proud to promote reading to children. 

The program is funded by the Rotary Club of Milford. 

We also receive a donation from Milford Hospital each year to be used for this program or the BOOKS FOR TODDLERS.  The Literacy Center picks up any financial needs that are left unfunded.

Literacy Center of Milford
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