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Literacy Center of Milford, Inc.

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We couldn't survive without the support of these local businesses, organizations and you!


Donations to the Joy Stonier Student Scholarship Fund:

Karen O'Neil

Mary Dunn

Betty Gerner

Susan McKenna

Lois T Rumble

Carmen N Corvino

Enid Heyse 

Betty Brosius

Feng Liu

Melinda Adams

Patricia McAllen

Nancy Rotman

Robert Cummings Js

John P. O’Neil

Marilyn Wardell

Meet the Arts & Artisans

Florence Berrien

Helen Della Rocco 

Beatrice Ball

Ann Loesch

David Gregory

Russell Sanders

Barbara Comstock

Monica Judge

Lois Smith

Nancy W. Smith

Phyllis Gwatkin 

Florence Gambino

Debra Shea

Linda Bouvier 

Don Hastings

Dolores Crandley

Jean Cianciolo

Joan Shumaker

Robert Gregory 

Monica Foran  

Tami Jackson

Helen Boni  Fisher

Linda Whittaker

Eliza Holcomb

Ronald Zwiebel, DDS


Junior Woman's Club of Milford
Milford Rotary
Devon Rotary
Milford Kiwanis
Milford Woman's Club
United Way of Milford
DeLuca Foundation
Milford Consortium for Child Care Initiatives

Literacy Center of Milford
Fannie Beach Community Center
16 Dixon St.  Milford, Ct. 06460